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Are you looking for an antivirus? Dr. Web CureIt is a powerful, free tool for eliminating any kind of malware that has taken up residence in your computer.

The program has the ability to detect a great amount of dangerous files, using the wide Dr. Web database: virus, spyware, dialers, hacktools, worms, trojan horses... Dr. Web CureIt locates and eliminates them from your device with absolute efficiency.

Dr. Web CureIt analyzes your system by scanning the memory modules, the boot files and sectors, and the hard drives and extractable devices that you have in the computer. It can perform a complete analysis or indicate a specific route.

When the program finds malware, it can be configured to automate actions against every type of threat: you can “cure” the corrupt files, delete them, or move them to quarantine—everything you need to keep your computer clean of viruses.
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